The Best Kitchen Faucets in 2022

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We listed some of the best kitchen faucet after thorough search!!

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Are you hunting best faucet for your kitchen???

Are you planning to build a house? Or you are amid in construction of new dream house? and you have planned and finalized almost everything but the best kitchen faucets for your kitchen?

if yes then this  article is for you!! In this article you will get all the answers to the questions like which brands of kitchen faucet is the best? Or what brands of faucets do plumbers recommends?

I am sure you don’t want to be in a situation, actually no one does, when you turn on the faucet and that’s a water leak or the horrible plinking noise produced by a dripping faucet. Everything is your kitchen is perfectly matched but the faucets. Or the faucets are so trendy but in term of practical use they are not meeting your requirements on daily basis.

Sometimes, finding of stylish and perfectly aligned kitchen faucet with you operational need become trade-off.  In this article we will give you some pointers, criteria, and guidelines to select the best faucets for your kitchen.

Facing Challenges finding faucet of your dream kitchen??

All of you, who are newbies to the faucet world, finding a good suitable and top-rated kitchen faucet that meets your kitchen requirement could be a challenging. In this article we will short list the stuff that critically important to stand out the favourable kitchen faucet. Again, there are various factors to be considered and before that as a buyer you need to understand the lingo of this domain that means make your self familiar with the faucet glossary and faucet terminology for e.g., what is the faucet build? what are the main faucet parts?

Quick overview - Things to consider before buying kitchen sink faucet

Here are three crucial factors that may need to be considered to buy reliable kitchen faucets.

There are various types of kitchen faucets available in the market. You may consider following concise descriptions related to each type of kitchen faucets

pull out spray head

You may see a  lot of a diversity in kitchen faucets available in the market. One of the niches in kitchen faucets with pull out spray head. Some of really fancy designs of faucets belongs to the pull-out category. The top rated kitchen faucets brands have pull-out items in their product list and they come in many different styles, color and sizes. Pull-out kitchen faucets are mainly kitchen centric, and the best part is they can easily be pulled towards you and can be adjusted freely in other area of the sink.

2.Versatile designs of faucet in your kitchen!!


The pull-out kitchen faucets are one of the best faucets available in the market. They are extremely effective and a great addition of your dream kitchen. So either you’re are refurnishing your kitchen or building right from scratch, they are great way to go.

The pull-down kitchen faucet works by allowing the spray head to extend down into the sink. One hand can be used to spray the water in your required area of sink and other hand can be used to adjust the water low and mixing of cold and hot water. That is the great flexibility of this product.

best delta faucet cassidy

Delta Faucet 4197-AR-DST Cassidy

Delta 4353-DST Linden

Moen 7294SRS Arbor

moen best pull out faucet

Moen S7597CSL

Pull-down kitchen faucets and pull-out kitchen faucets have great resemblance but in term of functionality they are quite different. Both pull-down kitchen facets and pull-out kitchen have their own plus points.

Ergonomics of the pull-down design allows you to flexibly pull down the spout or spray. This design is comfortable for some people especially when they are dealing with soapy dishes or rinsing residual particle down the drain. So again, it totally depends on your choice and personal preference. There are numerous top-down kitchen faucets are available that comes with elegance and practicality.


kitchen faucet

Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland


Delta Faucet 9197-AR-DST Cassidy

hansgrohe 14870021

Hansgrohe 14872001 Talis S

best delta trinsic 9159

Delta 9159-AR-DST

Are you the one who feels limitation in general home-based products and always need extra power and strength in your appliances and peripherals? If answer is yes, this commercial kitchen faucets would be a definite choice for you. Choosing a commercial kitchen faucet is a fun expedition and have been popular in homeowners in recent years. One of the main reasons why a commercial faucet is gaining popularity is the extra power capability to handle the dishware and other utensils in the kitchen sink. Commercial faucets come along with unique sense of trend as well as the extra muscular strength. Below is a list of top-rated faucet brand to buy

best commercial faucet

Moen 5923 Align

best commercial style faucet

Blanco 440557  

Grohe 32951DC0 K7

most loved kitchen faucet

Blanco 441332

This is one of the type of faucets gained immense popularity during the pandemic. Because of its hands-free nature and touch less behaviour it can be turned on and off through motion sensors. These faucets are great in term of saving water and minimizing the spread of germs. These types of faucets allow you to on and off the flow by move your hand over sensors.  This does not require any touch just hover your hand and you are good to go!

Here are the list of motion technology centric faucets.

bold faucet

Moen 7594ESRS

Kohler K72218-VS Sensate

bohares motion sensor

BOHARES Motion Sensor

best commercial faucet

Moen Align Motionsense

Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

These are single-lever based faucets and manage the flow, temperature and pressure of the water. They are widely used kitchen faucets and requires as minimum as one hole installation. Prices of these type of faucets vary from economical to expensive. However, they are generally considered the cost-effective kitchen faucets.

Moen kitchen faucet

MOEN Adler Single-Handle Low Arc Standard Kitchen Faucet in Chrome

Delta faucet canada

Delta Foundations Single-Handle Standard Kitchen Faucet in Chrome

brizo kitchen faucet

BOHARES Motion Sensor

Moen 87233 Adler One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet with Power Clean, Chrome

Two-handle Kitchen Faucet

These are two handle faucets. Generally, one handle is for cold and the other is for hot water. It requires two or more holes to mount. These types of faucets give a bit flexibility in term of adjust of different temperature. Getting the desired temperature of water is relatively easy in these types of faucets. They are generally cost effective, but range can vary from cheap to expensive.

Some of the best company’s kitchen faucets are listed here for your consideration.

moen two handle faucet

Moen T6142 Gibson Two-Handle Widespread High Arc Chrome Bathroom Faucet

kitchen faucet costco

Delta 2-Handle Kitchen Faucet – Chrome

gold faucet

Belanger EBU65WCP Kitchen Sink Faucet with Low-Arc Spout and 2-Handles, Polished Chrome

Moen 87633 Danika Metal & Plastic 2-Lever Handle High Arch Kitchen Faucet, 8″ Faucet Center, Chrome

As the name indicates these types of faucets installed on a wall rather than on sink. They are also called pot-filler faucets because they are usually installed above the oven or stove. There are somehow good reasons to invest in these types of faucets, especially when you don’t want to make hole in your kitchen sink. In that case wall mounted faucets gives you a pretty clean look of sink and better accessibility in term of cleaning. As said earlier these are also called pot filler this becomes really useful when you want to fill your pot near the stove and don’t want to carry the pot from sink to oven or stove, depending how far your stove is from the sink.

There are some well-known brand names for wall-mounted kitchen faucets.

DELTA FAUCET T3567LF-BLWL Ara Two Handle Wall Mount Lavatory Faucet Trim, Matte Black

golden faucet

Pot Filler Faucet Wall Mount, Double Joint Swing Arms Solid Brass Folding Faucet, Double Handles Brushed Gold Pot Filler Kitchen Faucet

moen kitchen faucet parts

Moen 8126 M–Dura Two-Handel Wall Mount Faucet (Chrome)

moen kutchen faucet parts

Moen S665SRS Double Handle Wall Mount Kitchen Pot Filler, Spot Resist Stainles

Other then different types faucets, you also need to chose some of the faucet parts to make it long lasting . Faucet cartridges are one of the most important replacement you have to do once a while!!

below are some different types of cartridges for faucet.. 

2.Types of Faucet Cartridges

After discussing types of faucets earlier in this document, now this is a time to understand faucets more technically and understand how mechanically it works. The most important mechanical piece of a faucet is made up of plastic called cartridge. Cartridge actually controls the flow of the water. When we move handle of the faucet actually we are controlling the cartridge. Cartridge acts like a valve and open and close the pathway for the water.

They are two widely used types:

  1. Singe-function cartridges
  2. Mixer cartridges

Single-Function faucetcartridges

These types of cartridges allow only flow of water line. That could be hot or cold depending on the installation. Now let’s make thing more complex and try to understand use of this type of cartridges. Use of single function cartridges are usually in two-handle faucets and single-handle faucets that have only water line.

Disc cartridges

Disc cartridges consist of two ceramics discs fitted against each other. When one disc moves, it creates a gap in another disc, that allows water to flow. This is also called quarte-turn handles as they revolve around 90 degrees. The surface of these two discs are oily and works jointly so accurately to eliminate resistance and that is why those ceramics doesn’t wear out so easily and disc cartridges last comparatively long and may not requires maintenance in its life time.

Mixer (Dual-Function)

Mixer cartridges allows you to control two water supply concurrently using one single lever. In contrast to other cartridge type, a mixer is a chamber that allows the hot and cold water to mix before coming out to the spout. There are two widely used mixer cartridges ball valves and ceramic disc cartridges.

Ceramic disc mixer cartridges

Ceramic disc mixer cartridges work the same way as single-line disc cartridges, the only difference is the disc set has two openings for hot water and cold water.

Ball valves, This is developed on the same principles, however use a different design. These come as multiple set of pieces and that makes them more

complicated than replacing cartridges. The effectiveness and longevity of these valves depend greatly on the material, which is why it’s recommended to steer clear of plastic and go for metals like brass.

3.Price Ranges for kitchen faucet

Basic mode of kitchen faucets are within $50 or sometimes even cheaper. Quality of the faucet gets better as the price climbs higher than $100. It is recommended that to see metal materials like brass or stainless steel rather than plastic. As plastic is more prone to leaking.

Consider When Buying the Best Kitchen Faucet – Quick Recap

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As discussed above in details whether you are planning to build a new kitchen or if you just want to change the existing faucet, it is very critical that you expand your vision and enhance your knowledge and think what type of faucet a right fit for you will be.

chose your kitchen faucet according to theme of your kitchenette!!!

There are plenty of things you might need to consider before buying kitchen faucets. You will make sure that faucet matches the theme of your kitchen, trendy look and fit for the purpose. Luckily there are plenty of choices are out there in the market, but those choices sometimes can creates confusion too. Here is the recap what we have discussed so far.

Identify type of your sink and its configuration!!

Before buying a faucet you have to consider what types of sink do you have and configuration requires to mound the faucet. Some faucets requires as minimum as one hole and some faucets requires up to 4 holes all these points you may need to consider and plan accordingly.

Choose your faucet styles as per your life style!!

Most importantly what styles you are looking for as we have already this in very detailed in this article, you have plenty of choices right from single handle to touchless. All you need to consider your need, theme of the kitchen and practical use of the faucet. Of course, you budget will play a vital role too.


There are many types of faucets are available in the market with different finishes. Recommendation is to go with metal such as brass, steel or aluminum. Though plastic is cheaper but not recommended because of the contamination in the water as well as they don’t last longer.


Upon exploring different types of kitchen faucets and considering all the facts discussed-above, now its time to logically conclude this article. At this point recommendation is to buy a best kitchen faucet that matches theme of kitchen, should be practical in use but yet trendy enough and most importantly finish should be metal to increase the life of kitchen faucet.

Another aspect is in term of support and warranty provided by the manufacturer. Lifetime warranty of the product gives you a peace of mind and comfort to replace it when needed.

In the last but not the least price plays important role too. Generally, quality products from well known brands comes with huge price tag.  In this article we tried to include all the relevant and key details about kitchen faucets including their latest prices to help you to find your dream kitchen faucet.